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    LP – Pilot Case Study developed for AgroLabs Cluster.

    The University of West Attica, LP of AgroLabs project worked on the development of a Pilot Case
    Study, entitled “Development of a methodological approach to extent shelf life, maintain nutrient
    value and sensory characteristics of peaches”, to respond to the challenges identified in WP3 and
    consultation in WP4, for the area of Imathia. In this pilot case study, peaches’ self-life extension
    was studied from two aspects. In the first case, the effect of temperature and packaging on the
    self-life of peaches and nectarines were examined after 10 days of bulk cold storage and for
    further 15 days. Eight different storage conditions were tested, which included the usage of
    different packaging material and atmosphere conditions at room temperature and under
    commercial refrigeration. The results indicated that the effect of low temperature conditions
    was direct and positive for both peaches and nectarines. The use of modified atmosphere had a
    positive effect on peaches and especially vacuum packaging. Nectarines were found to be more
    resistant in maturing even without the use of packaging material and modified atmosphere. The
    results are a strong indication that peaches and nectarines can be well preserved for 25 after
    harvest, even with a delayed packaging. This can be useful for processers (packaging facilities)
    who are working with small producers and can not have daily supply of fruits. In the second
    case, it was found that the experimental treatment of cut peaches with an antibrowning and
    antimicrobial natural mixture is maintaining their high quality, by keeping firmness stable and
    by improving sensory parameters in the course of at least 8 days, thus extending shelf life. The
    related literature review indicated also other alternatives of natural antimicrobial and
    antibrowning agents for future investigation, in regard to microbiological load, nutrient
    sustainability and other issues.

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